петък, 3 септември 2010 г.


From the racks I come with my trusty stim;
Reactors pump our numbers to the extreme.
Supported by the medivac’s healing stream,
I march on for the Terran dream.

The lab will give me my so needed shield,
so I’m not worried when I go onto the field
while our workers continue minerals to yield,
all around us our enemy’s blood gets spilled.

When dropped I don’t stop the harrass
I inject my stim and start shooting fast;
and even when my live will pass,
another Anabolmarine will fill the mass.

With Marauders and Medivacs we own the land
and many players scream MMM should be banned,
because a lot of drops they don’t withstand;
well, Anabolmarine is just a deadly brand.**

** Authors Econael and Moe, two Starcraft 2 fans :)

3 коментара:

  1. Що за глупости ти се въртят в главата момче???

  2. трябва да питам живущите там бръмбари и калинки :)

  3. Ahoi Moe
    here's my version http://www.nixiepixel.com/sc2-starcraft-poem/

    Did you come up with any new SC2 poems?
    If you do, just write me (just my nickname, a gmail address)