четвъртък, 25 ноември 2010 г.

Q&A part 2

"And darkness is dispersed by rays of light
 As smart considered is a stronger might,
 and not those answer seeking questions that we involve,
 to get to know ourselves the key is to evolve"

"Tell me what I need to know?"
- you looked at me and the determination grew
"Are you sure you want this path to follow?"
- I wanted to be certain, no involvement of any kind of brew!
"Yes, I am. With none to loose for me the only way this is!"
- with settled and decisive voice you shared.
"And yet, you're not! Do you know what the purpose of this freedom is?"
- crawling, getting near to the truth to be declared
"The meaning to be free, in choice and mind, and all that I can see?"
- You guessed, as certain in your worlds as shooting rabbits in the dark
"False. You 'can' see it all. This freedom is not from borders free!"
- I stared and backed off a bit after that angry remark
"Then, do tell me. Share your knowledge and help me live."
- with humble and less eager voice this time.
"First of all, you should learn how to yourself the love to give."
- I stated knowing that this feeling wasn't mine..

A pause, like from a process the result was gonna be compiled,
and step by step none's createful thinking can be vialed.
A short glance at me, trying to contain that knowledge hungry thirst.
"To love the others, I need to learn to love myself first!?!?"

- With pride I stood still for the shortest moment.
"This is the first of many coming steps, but your on it!"

вторник, 23 ноември 2010 г.

Q&A part 1

"A freedom to create ..
 A freedom to degrade!
 A freedom as a state of mind ..
 A freedom that we shall seek and maybe find!"
"And why?"
- you asked a hasty question.
"Because we're all fools!"
- claimed I, without a hesitation.
"What?! Fools you say?"
- surprised, but not so much.
"Yes! Fools! The blindest kind!"
- was going for the understanding touch..
"No! That can't be true"
- mistrusting and not blinking eyes stared at my feet.
"I'm sorry, but it's everyone, not only me and you"
- composure was for me as hard to keep.
"But I wanna be free.. I waited all my life for this!"
- a humble tear fell down on your cheek.
"But you're not ready .. none is for the abyss"
- I felt like my heart was the one drowning in the creek...

A long gasp, followed by a shorter one - for air
the truth was for this creature too hard to bear.
But then, of nothing came a determination on his face..
"Fool or not! I want to be free and thus help save my race!"

"Tell me what I need to know?"
- you asked and the determination grew.