сряда, 6 юни 2012 г.

If I cared less

If I cared less, I would have asked why,
but not to understand the facts ...
Why is there silence, not even a goodbye,
what was so horrible about my acts?

I would have asked the thousand questions,
thrown out the bricks inside my throat ..
I'd ask some more and build up tension,
again I'm rowing on an empty boat.

And If I cared less, I would be mad right now,
but not with you, with me, that I believed ..
And yet, I care, and knowing this somehow,
that I'm a fool, in love, just a relief.

One thing left, to thank you, dear,
the Freeman's soul I saw inside of you,
and now in silence, one thing is clear,
reminded me that I'm a Freeman, just like you.

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