понеделник, 16 август 2010 г.

Alone or Together?

A new, but familiar feeling arises,
with no room for failure or surprises,
the dawn of a new age arrives,
to settle all our dreams and drives.

Some say that the knowledge is within,
just open your mind to let it in,
but for me that's just the yin,
'cuz yan is seeking it everywhere else for the win.

And in life we all have a different way,
to cope with problems or the joy of the day.
Sometimes we can let our goals astray,
but in the end we all our dreams obey.

And we are all capable and strong alone,
but the loneliness is a burden heavier than a stone.
That's why we don't need just a clone,
but a society, strong and united, like a backbone.

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