понеделник, 16 август 2010 г.


I have dreams and I have nightmares.
I keep my head high and the fear scarce,
support my friends and anyone who dares
to live their lives without the hater's cares,
their foul tricks and self compares,
'cuz prejudice the mind ensnares
and faith and trust are just like flares
pinpointing out all the true leading players

We must change and the way we are living,
if we should fulfill all that we are dreaming,
and the first part should be our thinking,
because society's capacity is shrinking.
And strength is measured by our numbers growing,
since good ideas use the flow for showing,
the path on which we should be evolving,
towards a better life and better loving.

But humble is my mind alone,
And never lonely with true friends in the zone,
'cuz happyness is not just a milestone,
instead it should be the backbone,
of new religion and the world tone,
to help solve the problems well known,
not just the ozone or the bank loan,
but for the heart behind the breastbone.

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