понеделник, 16 август 2010 г.

Time span..

Sometimes I spend days thinking of the past,
thought with time I would be free at last
from this love I have for you so vast,
but everytime I think of you the feeling is recast..

Sometimes I spend days planning my future,
adventures and meetings or just a walk in the nature,
devising my life to contain all kinds of a mixture,
but then I realize I'm still looking at your picture.

Sometimes I just try living in the present
and I get from life these feelings so pleasant
and then I realize I'm gonna be a live-long student,
because in enjoying my life I wanna be fluent!

Yesterday I decided to live in the now.
I know my past and looked into my future how?
And you should not judge me under that lowbrow,
because living my live as I please is my vow!

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