понеделник, 16 август 2010 г.

Walk Forward

I'm here, standing at the point of no return.
Ahead the road is hard, but fun to learn.
And don't get stressed even for a heartburn,
'Cuz in the end we all wind up in a casket or an urn!

Begin each new day with a smile,
'Cuz life's a puzzle and you are just a tile.
And happy thoughts can make it worthwhile,
But in the end it's all depending on your style!

And take each further step with your head high!
Be true to friends and wave your enemies goodbye.
'Cuz hate and envy are never of a short supply,
that's why just ground them to elevate yourself into the sky!

But every beginning has also an end..
The whole fulfillment is on a subjective extend.
And there is never a good enough reason to pretend,
'Cuz in the end we are all in a need of lover or a friend.

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